Zircon Hematite Bracelet
Zircon Hematite Bracelet

Zircon Hematite Bracelet

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   This bracelet is a timeless and elegant accessory. A woman's magnetic bracelet is an essential addition to any jewelry box. With its delicate design and brightly crystal embellishments, it's perfect for everyday wear, matches any style and provides an on-trend vibe. 

    Not only stylish but also a functional item that can sufficiently benefit one’s health. The magnets increase the electrical conductivity of the blood, are known for pain-relaxing and anti-fatigue properties. It can also be a perfect gift that is made to commemorate your love, in honor of the times you’ve spent together, and the memories you’ve yet to make.

Width: 8 mm
Weight: 27.5 g
Feature: hematite
Thickness: 3mm
Length: 19.5 cm

Metal Type: Stainless Steel

Stone: Cubic Zirconia

Style: bracelet for women




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