Health Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 047
Health Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 047
Health Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 047
Health Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 047

Health Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 047

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Feel instantly better with this Therapeutic Energy Bracelet. 

With its magnetic hematite beads, the bracelet will help your body relieve pain, fatigue and will improve blood circulation. 

And, by wearing the bracelet you will keep the electromagnetic field away from you when using the computer/phones...

🔘 Neodymium magnet: it adjusts and reduces blood pressure and alleviate unwanted pain in different part of your body!

🔴 Far infrared: improves cell energy, enhance metabolism and help people who suffer from circulatory issues.

âš«ï¸ Tourmaline: anti-radiation and anti-fatigue, long term effects and acts against inflammation.

⚪ï¸ Negative Ion: also known as the "Vitamin of the Air", it improves the breathing and immune system.

This bracelet is perfect for athletes and health enthusiasts!

✔︎ Waterproof and rustproof
✔︎ Can be easily shortened

The Therapeutic Energy Bracelet can improve your body's healing process, control blood pressure and erectile dysfunction, and help prevent dysmenorrhea.

    • Hook Buckle: Easy to wear
    • Note: patients with pacemakers or heart surgery cannot wear the bracelet, the magnet cannot be in contact with the magnetic cards
    • Gives you a classy look
    • Stainless Steel
    • Length: 21cm

All of these powerful elements will help you reduce stress, strengthen your body and your endurance, fight depression, protect you from aging problems, improve your sleep quality.

Specifications :


Material : 316L Stainless Steel  

Length : 21.5CM 

Width : 1.2CM 

Colors: Black / Rose Gold /Silver/Gold   

Health Energy Elements: Magnet/Far Infrared Ray/Negatives Ions/Germanium Powder  

Fuctions: Antifatigue&Radiation Protection  And So On 

Gender: Women/Men/Unisex/Lovers 

Occasions: Birthday gift/anniversary/wedding/Party 

Features  :
- Magnet can improve the body's immune function, mainly used to relief dizziness, palpitation, insomnia, irritability and dreaminess.
-Far infrared ray can promote the growth and health of living cells. It can be accelerate blood circulation, adjust blood pressure, improve arthralgia, adjust autonomic nerve, promote metabolism.
-Negative ions can improves sleep quality, increase the oxygen content, and is beneficial to oxygen transmission, absorption, and utilization.
-Germanium powder can shields the electromagnetic radiation in our daily life. Adjusts blood pressure, reduce fatigue.


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